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Presentation Guideline

  Presentation template (optional)
  For Oral presentation, the presentation time is 20 minutes (including Q & A).
  1. Each session room will be equipped with a computer and a LCD projector. The operating system for the session room computer will be Microsoft Windows 7, with PowerPoint 2010 and PDF reader installed.

  2. Each session room computer will be equipped with USB ports to read USB flash memory stick. The presenter must load the presentation file onto the session room computer prior to the start of the session.

  3. In general, connecting your own computer to the projector in the session room is not recommended.

  For Poster presentation, the maximum size will be w:90cm x h:150cm.

    Poster should be ready before poster session starts, and be removed afterwards. Any remaining posters will be removed by conference staff when the session concludes.



Organized by IEEE Taipei EMC Chapter and National Taiwan University
May 25-29, 2015 | The Grand Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan